Getting ripped isn't motivation for everyone.

Shooting lower scores on the golf course is a great reason to get fit. Golf fitness in Surrey will help you to get lean, flexible, and strong...so that you can play the game you love. Less pain and more energy for work and play are happy side effects!

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Golf (or the sport you play) is a great reason to stay in shape!
  • Play Pain Free

    There's a lot of force created in a golf swing. A stronger individual can direct that force appropriately so it doesn't outlet as pain through their back and knees.

  • Boost Strength

    A strong body is better equipped for everyday life, whether you are gunning for a long drive, or trying to boost your energy to keep up with your kids and grandkids.

  • Sleep Better

    Remember how well you could sleep when you were a teenager?

  • Watch your energy levels soar!

    Have more energy to dedicate to your career and family.


Stephen Nash

I have been playing professional volleyball overseas in Europe since 2009. In November of 2013 I sought out EDGE’s services to prepare for my return overseas for my next contract. Josh’s knowledge...

Mischa Harris, MSc, CSCS

Josh’s commitment to elite athlete development has made him an invaluable part of our Volleyball Canada Center of Excellence team. He is consistently searching for ways to get more from his athletes...

Mylee Ross

"Josh is a great coach and his athletes are in good hands. I am always excited when my clients are able to work with him since I have seen how his program directly supports the work we are doing here...

Anita Duffin

The best part of the program is that the work-out sessions are varied and new goals are set on a consistent basis between the coach and the client. We like that Josh formulates the work outs specifica...

What is Golf Fitness?

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Golf fitness is about training your body so you can do what you love!

Won't this change my swing?

Yes. The workouts and coaching you receive at EDGE will make you lean, strong, flexible and healthy.  These will absolutely change your swing. It's up to you to keep it in the fairway!

I stink at golf...

No problem! Wanna be able to whoop your buddies at squash, or have the legs for beer league hockey? EDGE helps athletes of all levels playing sports build the lean energetic bodies that help them perform. If you care more about how you feel than a number on a scale, EDGE is the right place for you!

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Finally the truth about training athletes

Expert Strength Coach reveals the 5 biggest mistakes athletes make that ultimately destroy athleticism.

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Finally the truth about training athletes

Expert Strength Coach reveals the 5 biggest mistakes athletes make that ultimately destroy athleticism.

*we don't share your personal details with anyone