Congratulations to September’s Client of the Month, Jenna Duffin!

Here is a conversation that I had with her parents about the success that she has seen and what she loves about training with EDGE Strength & Conditioning.

Jenna DuffinAnita: At the beginning, Jenna was nervous, apprehensive and did not know what to expect. She knew that she was limited by her lack of flexibility and foot speed. Her first few sessions were alot of hard work. She is now genuinely enjoying her workouts and feels exhilarated afterwards. She looks forward to each and every workout session.

Josh: What made you decide you wanted/needed to start training with EDGE?

Anita: Jenna had all the basic skills she needed for volleyball, but needed to take her training/fitness to the next level.  She had an introduction to EDGE through one of her skills camps at Agoge volleyball and really enjoyed it.

Josh: What results have you achieved as a result of your training with EDGE?

Anita: Jenna has improved her vertical jump, flexibility, her endurance, and her confidence.

Josh: What do you like best about our program and working with a strength coach?

Anita: The best part of the program is that the work-out sessions are varied and new goals are set on a consistent basis between the coach and the client.  We like that Josh formulates the work outs specifically for Jenna’s goals and does so with safety in mind to prevent injury. Jenna is learning how to work out the correct and productive way.

Josh: What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

Anita: Do not hesitate. Josh is a genuine and professional coach doing all he can to help achieve your goals.