It’s my job to coach and mentor athletes. My day to day work consists of hanging out with competitive athletes, and sharing my experience to help theirs go more smoothly. Here is why I am passionate about what I do (in a random, unorganized fashion):

PS. This started as interview questions for a school project from one of the high school athletes I coach. The questions were:

1. Why do you think mentorship is important?

2. Why do you love to mentor?

3. How have you been impacted by a mentor in your life?

5 thoughts on being a mentor

#1 Pay it forward

I had tons of quality coaches and mentors in my formative years. Doing a good job mentoring someone has a trickle down effect and impacts more than just the person you were mentoring. I’d like to think that my mentors and coaches would appreciate what I am doing to pay it forward. Hopefully some of the people I have worked with will have a chance to pay it forward too!

athlete mentor

#2 Provide Clarity

There are a million different people/companies/websites giving people advice on what to do. In a world of abundant information, a good mentor provides clarity and confidence on which path you SHOULD follow, rather than just being another resource with a list of directions that you COULD go. (When it comes to strength training here’s the 5 ways that a lot of people go wrong!)

#3 Joy

I like helping people. It’s in my nature to want to see others have success. Being an athlete mentor was the natural career choice for me (although my formal job title is ‘Strength Coach’).

#4 Transfer of experience

As a mentor I fill the gap between book smarts and street smarts. A lot of things you aren’t able to learn unless you actually do them. A mentor usually has been there/done that which bridges the gap for the individuals who are trying things for the first time.

#5 Objective Feedback

A good mentor can provide objective feedback for things that an individual can’t see in themselves. It’s hard to take an unbiased look at yourself and your situation, which is where a mentor can help out.

All in all, I feel super blessed that I have the opportunity to do my job each day. I get to work with sweet high-school athletes every day, and have a positive impact on their life!


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