Here is one of my favorite quotes related to motivation, sports, and strength and conditioning. Hope it motivates you, or just causes you to stop and think for a couple minutes.

the desire to succeed must be matched by the desire to prepare to succeed

The desire to succeed must be matched by the desire to prepare to succeed.

Everyone notices the guy who is super intense when it comes to game time…but much less celebrated is the guy who brings that focus to every day of training and practice. Often what’s behind the scenes is really the difference maker in who wins, and who loses.

As an teammate, I wasn’t known for my raw athleticism, nor my skills. I was the kind of player that was willing to put his head down and do the work necessary for success behind the scenes.

That’s what made me successful

It’s easy to be passionate when you are under the bright lights.

  • Do you bring the same level of focus and intensity to your practices as you do to games?
  • Do you practice harder during the two weeks leading up to nationals? or do you bring that focus to practice all year round?
  • Do you spend your off-season strength-training? or de-conditioning?

If you want to be the star in the biggest games, on the biggest stage…you gotta put the work in long before game-day starts.

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