Was founded with the core mission of transforming the lives of aspiring athletes through highly effective training and mentoring. Our goal has always been to make a significant, lasting, and positive impact on every single person who walks through our doors. We offer the best possible training experience for every athlete regardless of your age or playing level.

Our methodology links sport science with applied physiology, strength training and nutrition in one comprehensive program

Our programs designed and directed by our certified coaches from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The world’s leading organization in the field of sport conditioning.

Performance Pyramid

Whether you aim to play in the Olympics someday, or just want the fitness to play with your kids and grandkids, your fitness and training needs to be built layer by layer. Think of your fitness levels as the base that health, vibrance, and athletic performance is built upon. That performance has 4 levels that need to be stacked on top of each other. The most general level is at the bottom, and the most specific is at the pinnacle.

Foundational habits: At the base of the pyramid are our foundational habits; sleep, stress management, healthy nutrition, and a growth mindset. Addressing the foundational habits allows us to provide results where other programs fail.
Quality Movement: By ensuring every individual has no flexibility limitations or strength imbalances as determined by a Functional Movement Screen we reduce injury risk by correcting movement issues before injuries occur. Staying injury free means you can train harder, and perform better in sport and life.
Capacity: Establishing a stronger, faster, more powerful, hard athletic body will enable you to do all the activities you love without your body holding you back.
Skills: Athletes need to be able to display the skills of their sport at a very high level, but this can only happen if they have a solid base to stand on. It’s only when we have a strong base to stand on, that we can extend ourselves towards excellence.

What holds you back:
The problem is that it’s incredibly easy for that pyramid to become inverted, and in the pursuit of greater skills and fancy fitness training methods, health and movement quality get left behind…but you and I know that they will ALWAYS catch up with you eventually. If you don’t address the base of the pyramid as well as the top, injuries and performance plateaus occur.
No two people need the exact same training program. By taking a ‘client centered’ approach rather than a ‘training program centered’ approach we get better results for our clients by tailoring fitness solutions to your needs. Book a consultation today to find what your limiting factor is. Our skilled coaching staff can help you determine which of the four levels are the weakest link to your fitness and performance levels, and address them promptly.


Owner and Langley Strength Coach


Josh is a coach and mentor for young athletes who want nothing more than to have success in their sport.Through strength training and nutrition coaching he’s here to help your son or daughter become a more explosive athlete, all the while making them feel more confident on the playing field, and in life!As an athlete, he represented Canada internationally and won a CIS national championship with the TWU Spartans in Volleyball.As a coach, he oversees the strength training for Volleyball Canada’s youth development program in the Fraser Valley, in addition to running private and small group training with his company EDGE Strength & Conditioning.

When he’s not coaching, you can find him cheering on the Edmonton Oilers or playing games with his wife and their two wonderful little boys.

Meet Josh and get ready to perform better by booking a free consultation or by calling 778-242-9552




Royal Richardson educates young athletes to help them achieve performance levels they never dreamed of, both in their fitness and their sport of choice.

From personal experience as an athlete, she has seen how strength training not only can help you become a more explosive athlete but can also limit the occurrence of injuries.

Royal graduated from Trinity Western University with a degree in Human Kinetics and plans to continue on with her studies to become a physiotherapist.

As a national champion with the TWU Spartans volleyball team, she credits getting stronger off the court as the difference maker that allowed her team to take home a gold medal.

Royal Richardsons experience ranges from being an intern under Spartan strength coach Andrew Heming, to working as a personal trainer in public gyms and finally coming to EDGE to be a part of the Strength & Conditioning team.

You can work with Royal and the EDGE team by booking your free consultation or calling 778.242.9552.


Strength Coach


Administrative Assistant

Elisha journeyed to the lower mainland from a small town in Alberta to attend TWU pursuing a degree in Education and never left. She has a variety of work experiences over the last few years including on-call and ESL teaching, non-profit camp administration, nannying, and children’s programming for a local church.

When she’s not working she enjoys spending time outdoors, whether it’s taking her dog Piper for a run, heading out to the lake for a little ultimate frisbee, or playing baseball on the weekends. She appreciates an organized life, whether that’s in her work or her social life making administration a good fit for her.

You can work with the EDGE team by booking your free consultation or calling 778.242.9552.


Brenda is a specialist in natural wellness programs for children, teens and adults, has coached NHL athletes on nutrition, and is the author of Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World, a practical manual for families dealing with childhood obesity. She loves discovering effective, down-to-earth steps to increased health, and helping others along on that journey. Her decades of experience as a social worker, pastor and nutritionist allow her to unpack both the physical, and the emotional components of eating. Brenda is the co-creator of Perform Nutrition, offers personalized coaching and seminars for corporations and teams.