Active Rehab

Active rehab, sometimes called exercise therapy can be used to assist healing and help an individual regain full function following an injury or motor vehicle accident. Active rehab bridges the gap between the basic movements you perform in a physiotherapist or chiropractic office and the rigors of your job by teaching you to move effectively, and safely so the pain and injury doesn’t return.


Many people stop their rehab after their physiotherapist says they no longer need treatment, but being pain free, or regaining full range of motion is significantly different than being fully recovered. Active rehab fills that void, and builds you capacity to work and play. Many people enjoy their active rehab so much that they stay on as personal training clients.
Active rehab sessions look very similar to traditional fitness training, with the exception that exercises are modified to match the ability level at the current stage of rehab, and promote healing in the injured area.
Personal Training vs Active Rehab: A Practicing Kinesiologist is required to have a minimum four-year degree in a specialized kinesiology or human kinetics program from a recognized post-secondary institution. A certified personal trainer (at other facilities) is often certified through weekend courses and is trained to work with individuals who have no known injuries, disabilities or medical conditions that would impair or limit the ability to exercise.
Work with one of our Kinesiologists and your program can often be claimed under a worksafe BC, or ICBC claim.