Personal Training

A personal trainer that you see on a weekly basis has a significantly greater chance to impact your long term health, and personal vitality, than your doctor whom you see for 15 minutes once per year. Our fitness programs help reduce the strain on the Canadian health care system by creating individuals who are of a healthy body weight, are sick and in pain less frequently, take fewer medications, and are able to live life vibrantly, instead of simply aiming to be ‘disease free’. Train in private (1 on 1) or Semi-private (~3 on 1) sessions.

What will you get out of Personal Training at the EDGE

A thorough understanding of your background and goals

Our Coaches get to know each and every intricate detail of your fitness background and goals – from the physical to the emotional

Improved technique

A little tweak here and there goes a long way in making your workouts more effective and giving you confidence to work harder in class. One hour of training with any of our Coaches is equivalent to the instructions you’ll get in 10 group classes.

A personalized program

We then develop a program designed just for you, to help you achieve those goals – one that doesn’t waste a minute of your precious time.

Monitoring of your results

No program would be complete without checking how it’s delivering on your goals. Your coach routinely ensures this is happening.

Let’s get you fit faster!

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