Our methodology links sport science with applied physiology, strength training and nutrition in one comprehensive program.




Assessments &
performance testing

We will determine your baseline strength, agility, and power through fitness tests at the start of the program. Tests will be repeated to measure the progress during the program. What gets measured, gets improved.


Injury Prevention

Each athlete will also be taken through a comprehensive movement and flexibility screening process to address any strength imbalances and flexibility issues that can lead to injury (whether you are currently injured or not)




Personalized Program

The fitness test results will be measured to create the most specific and comprehensive training program for each player to maximize training effectiveness, while taking into account age, experience, competition phase, sport, and position requirements

Post Program Plan

All players will take-home custom workouts, recovery sessions, nutrition education, mindset training & more.







The best soccer players are fast…but not just fast in a straight line. Soccer players need strong legs, and a stable core in order to make sharp changes of direction when jockeying with an opponent. Unfortunately hamstring strains, and ACL tears are becoming significantly more common in young athletes and many of the popular training programs for soccer players will only increase that risk. Training with EDGE means you get a scientifically backed training program that will not only improve performance, but reduce the risk of injury.

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To be a top hockey player, you need to gain strength to avoid being knocked off the puck without becoming big and slow. Our training programs enable hockey players to develop the strength and power to win the puck battles in the corner, and then show off their new breakaway speed.

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Baseball performance is driven by your ability to generate rotational power. Bat speed and throwing velocity is dependant on how well can you transfer the strength in your legs up through your core and into your arm in a whip like motion. Doing this at high speed, yet maintaining control and good body position will keep athletes healthy. The flexibility and shoulder strength assessments used at EDGE to create customized training programs will enable athletes to become faster and stronger so they can perform their best…without that nagging shoulder pain!

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Every volleyball player wants to jump higher. Unfortunately, most ‘jump programs’ are full of plyometrics and bodyweight jumping exercises…which simply leads to more knee and back injuries for volleyball players who already typically jump 100-150 times a practice several days a week. The last thing a volleyball player needs during their off court training is more jumping. EDGE played a key role in creating the training systems that are used in Volleyball Canada’s Development Model all across the country to help Canada’s top volleyball prospects jump higher, hit harder, and play pain free.

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We welcome other sports not listed above to train at our facility. In order to get the best results for clients, we go through a full needs analysis, to determine the key variables to success in your sport. Whether strength, speed, power, endurance, balance, or just staying injury free, we will tailor a custom made program to match your sport, your position, your abilities, and your goals.

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