“Josh is a great coach and his athletes are in good hands. I am always excited when my clients are able to work with him since I have

seen how his program directly supports the work we are doing here in the clinic. I highly recommend EDGE Strength & Conditioning for all my clients.”
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A year and a half ago, I sought out Josh’s training services as apart of my recovery from a neck and back injury.

At the time the goal was to just get moving again and since then have thoroughly enjoyed getting stronger and pushing myself physically with Josh’s help. Josh is great at collaborating with other health professionals and tailoring my workout to meet my specific needs. I have seen huge progress and changes in my pain levels and mobility by working out consistently. I have had other health professionals tell me that the active rehab for my pain and injury has enabled me to exceed their professional expectations of my recovery. Josh keeps workouts engaging, fun, and provides gentle guidance to continually motivate and hone skills. When my back hurts after skipping a few workouts, my first thought is not to go get a massage but to get back into the gym and workout! Active Rehab & Fitness client
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Kyra Watson, a high school softball player shares how EDGE Strength & Conditioning helped her recover from her car accident in time to hit a walk-off RBI at the European Championships!


I tore my ACL a year and a half ago and wanted to fully recover from that and also prepare for my upcoming season at TWU. On all my

major lifts I have made personal bests even compared to before I was injured. And I have also learned so much more about the importance of functional mobility, how to train as an elite athlete. Josh really motivates you and pushes you but his knowledge is awesome. Just picking out little things to help your training and make you become a better athlete. Especially for volleyball players you aren’t going to find a better trainer in the lower mainland who has been at the CIS level and knows what it takes to train as an elite athlete and just pushes you hard in the weight room every day.
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Working out with josh has been beneficial for me and my pursuit in playing post secondary volleyball. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and current, but he pushes you to reach your goals. FVVC, TWU Spartans


Josh has been working with our Volleyball Canada Athletes since 2011. In that time he has not only helped numerous of the top players

in the province increase both their strength, and performance but also keep them healthy. Josh has a great ability to relate to the athletes which allows him to push them to their limits as they trust him implicitly. Volleyball Canada is lucky and privileged to have Josh be an integral part of our team, helping to develop our athletes to be the best in the country! VCCE Lead Skills Coach for Western Canada, National Director for AiA Volleyball
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The best part of the program is that the work-out sessions are varied and new goals are set on a consistent basis between the coach and the client.

We like that Josh formulates the work outs specifically for Jenna’s goals and does so with safety in mind to prevent injury. Jenna is learning how to work out the correct and productive way. High School Volleyball athlete
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I have been playing professional volleyball overseas in Europe since 2009. In November of 2013 I sought out EDGE’s services to prepare

for my return overseas for my next contract. Josh’s knowledge and experience in the field of elite athlete training allowed me to regain my high performance athleticism for the start of my contract. Along with my training, I was able to push, and be pushed by young athletes as a part of the Compete Training Group. In addition to strength and fitness development, I was able to address the weaknesses and strength imbalances that I was previously unaware of. I am now again playing overseas and I owe EDGE thanks for their part in the successful start to this season.
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I had the opportunity to have Josh as a trainer during my final semester of high school, and within that short time the benefits were

definitely worth it: I was stronger than ever before, I was jumping higher than ever before, and I had far fewer injuries than ever before. Josh pays attention to detail and wants every athlete to reach their full potential, so he offers training that fits their specific needs. Josh played a crucial role in preparing me to play post secondary volleyball at TWU, and he did so in an encouraging, supportive, and exciting way! TWU Spartan
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Josh is an elite trainer with an education and athletic experience that stands out among other fitness experts. This translates to better

results for athletes participating in his programs. There is always new information in the health and fitness industry and Josh is able to sift through the fads while staying current and cutting edge. Being a chiropractor and treating a variety of injuries, I have seen the results of his training improve not only performance, but recovery from injury and increased stability. EDGE Strength & Conditioning is an ideal choice for the young athlete looking to improve performance as well as prevent injury and stay competitive. Josh is also great to work with and well liked by the students and athletes he trains. Sadly, he is an Oilers fan. Chiropractor, Glover Road Chiropractic
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My daughter has greatly benefited from her training sessions with Josh. She was wanting to begin weight training and strengthening but

was concerned about her previous injuries. Josh did a complete assessment of her and took everything into consideration when getting a workout routine going for her. My daughter totally enjoyed her sessions with Josh as he is knowledgable and has helped her greatly with her training. I am very impressed with her ability after just 12 sessions and I know she has learned a lot from Josh. High School Volleyball athlete
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I think the thing I enjoyed the most was that I wasn’t just working out, I was also being educated. I learned a lot about proper form and

stretches to help with some soreness I had from playing sports. I wasn’t just being told to do something and then doing it, I felt like I was being taught how to do something so that later on I’d be able to do it by myself. [Strength training] also helped my vertical a lot. In volleyball I have one of the best verticals on my team and I can dunk a basketball. Langley Funamental High School basketball and volleyball athlete
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Josh’s commitment to elite athlete development has made him an invaluable part of our Volleyball Canada Center of Excellence team.

He is consistently searching for ways to get more from his athletes, and this dedication coupled with his thirst for knowledge position him as a leader in athlete development and injury prevention. If you’re ready to take the next step as an athlete and take your training seriously, Josh and his team are without question one of your best resources. Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach, Volleyball Canada Centres of Excellence (VCCE)
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