Individualizing your training and nutrition program guarantee’s results! You are unique, and so are your goals. Working 1-on-1 with a Langley Personal Trainer ensures that you get a program perfectly tailored to your body and your goals. Unfortunately training and nutrition isn’t one size fit’s all so let our expert coaches create a completely customized workout solution for your unique goals!

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Build a stronger, faster you
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With personal training, the focus is squarely on you, and what you want to achieve!
  • Build a Lean athletic body

    Using a combination of nutrition and training you can dictate your body’s metabolism to create fantastic body transformations and elite performance.

  • Boost Strength, Speed, and Performance

    A strong powerful body is better equipped for everyday life, whether you are gunning for a university scholarship, or trying to boost your energy to keep up with your kids.

  • Reduce pain & Prevent injuries

    Deal with that nagging pain in your shoulders, knees, and back while building an injury resistant frame.

  • Watch your energy levels soar!

    A boost in energy enables you to do what you love. Sustain your on-field/ice performance or simply have more energy to do activities with the important people in your life.


Mylee Ross

"Josh is a great coach and his athletes are in good hands. I am always excited when my clients are able to work with him since I have seen how his program directly supports the work we are doing here...

Mischa Harris, MSc, CSCS

Josh’s commitment to elite athlete development has made him an invaluable part of our Volleyball Canada Center of Excellence team. He is consistently searching for ways to get more from his athletes...

Anita Duffin

The best part of the program is that the work-out sessions are varied and new goals are set on a consistent basis between the coach and the client. We like that Josh formulates the work outs specifica...

Luciano DeGianni

I think the thing I enjoyed the most was that I wasn’t just working out, I was also being educated. I learned a lot about proper form and stretches to help with some soreness I had from playing spor...

Working 1-on-1

Personal training is working 1-on-1 with a coach to achieve your goals in health and athletic performance. Your Langley personal trainer will work closely with you to create and implement a training and nutrition program guaranteed to get you results!

You are at the center of everything

1-on-1 training is awesome because you are at the center of everything that happens. When you are working with a Langley personal trainer, everything is geared towards you! The custom designed training and nutrition programs are built just for your needs, and the guiding hand of one of our coaches will walk you through the training process to ensure that you get results!

Personal training is built around the following things:

  • Your goals
  • Your current ability
  • Your busy schedule

There is no better investment than yourself. 1-on 1 time spent with a Langley Personal trainer will improve your performance in sport and in life.

Here are some goals from our current clients:

  • Lose fat/Gain Muscle
  • Eliminate back pain
  • Run faster/jump higher
  • Earn an athletic scholarship
  • Establish life-long habits in health & nutrition (goal from parent of high school client)

You Get Results or 100% of Your Money Back

You set your goals, we’ll help you lay out a plan to achieve them!

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Finally the truth about training athletes

Expert Strength Coach reveals the 5 biggest mistakes athletes make that ultimately destroy athleticism.

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Finally the truth about training athletes

Expert Strength Coach reveals the 5 biggest mistakes athletes make that ultimately destroy athleticism.

*we don't share your personal details with anyone