Sport specific training enables young athletes to see results from their hard work. This enables them to be more confident in their performance on the playing field, and in life!

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Sports specific training personalized for each athlete!
  • Explosive Power

    Athletic power shows up in how hard you throw, how fast you skate, and how high you jump. Our training programs are less "show" and more "GO"!

  • Injury Prevention

    Strong and flexible athletes can protect their shoulders, knees and back to keep them in the game, and out of the rehab clinic!

  • Confidence

    Athletes can't help but see their confidence rise when they are shown proof of their progress. This confidence carries through into their play, their schooling, and their relationships.

  • Life-Long Healthy Habits

    Sports specific training establishes healthy eating habits, and creates a positive association with exercise that athletes will carry with them throughout life!


Anita Duffin

The best part of the program is that the work-out sessions are varied and new goals are set on a consistent basis between the coach and the client. We like that Josh formulates the work outs specifica...

Katie Devaney

I had the opportunity to have Josh as a trainer during my final semester of high school, and within that short time the benefits were definitely worth it: I was stronger than ever before, I was jumpin...

Mylee Ross

"Josh is a great coach and his athletes are in good hands. I am always excited when my clients are able to work with him since I have seen how his program directly supports the work we are doing here...

Mischa Harris, MSc, CSCS

Josh’s commitment to elite athlete development has made him an invaluable part of our Volleyball Canada Center of Excellence team. He is consistently searching for ways to get more from his athletes...

What is Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training for athletes:


A lot of young athletes today go about their practices and go about their games believing that just being involved with their sport is enough for them.

But my sport is different...

There's been a huge push to specialize your young kids in a single sport really early on. What we have is a bunch of highly specialized athletes that are really good at their sport at a really young age but have a hard time keeping up at higher levels because they haven't spent any time on developing the underlying attributes of athleticism which are strength, and speed, and power!

What sports do you work with...

Short answer: Lots.

We have happy customers from the following sports:

  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • WaterPolo
  • Track & Field
  • & more

Long answer: There is no activity more 'sport specific' than playing your sport. Your workouts should improve your capacity to practice...not be your practice.

At EDGE, we don't practice shooting and passing. We make you strong, powerful, and athletic so your body can meet the demands of practice and games.

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Finally the truth about training athletes

Expert Strength Coach reveals the 5 biggest mistakes athletes make that ultimately destroy athleticism.

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Finally the truth about training athletes

Expert Strength Coach reveals the 5 biggest mistakes athletes make that ultimately destroy athleticism.

*we don't share your personal details with anyone